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      Zhuo Zhou TianHeQi Machine Tools Co.,Ltd growns up from the former "Hebei Grinder Comosing Plant". We are currently cooperating with Zhuo Zhou Labor Technical School. Our main co-products are non-standard equipment and CNC lathe-ray machines. Since established in 2008, we keep on manufacturing top-class products and researching new options at the same pace to maintain and improve our skills and potential mark competitiveness.

      Our supporting cast machine tool factory was built in 1988 with professional engineers and testing technology, as well as staffs with great experience. Keep learing and absorbing new and first-class casting and melting process and techniques have always been our pursuits. Our products are all easy cutting with high solidity and high mechanical capacity.

      After natural aging for one year, and then by the second annealing aging, the stress of all products is completely eliminated. The working-stable part is made from chromium copper alloy to achieve the goal of anti-attrition. All the combination surface and rail grinding are hand scraped to ensure the overall quality.

      The company passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management Systerm and Certificate in 2009.
      Currently our main products are:
      CNC-Milling Bare Machine:TH850, TH1065, TH1680
      CNC-Gantry Milling (Bare Machine):TH3015, TH3020, TH4020
      Engraving-and-Milling Machine (Bare Machine):TH430, TH650, TH7080, TH1480
      All can be produced according to your requirement and design.